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Thursday, October 31, 2019

How to send any file of any Size on WhatsApp

How to send any file of any Size on WhatsApp

Have you ever thought of sharing a very large file on WhatsApp?Say 1.4GB file,of course for sharing this amount of data you will going to need awesome internet seed and a large amount of time.

The Basic idea is to split the file into smaller 16 MB files (only 16MB as it is maxed size of videos that can be shared over WhatsApp).In order to split the file I would recommend you to download a free tool “free file splitter”.Its simple and very fast..Here lets get started

1) Install “Free file splitter” freeware tool.

2) Now open file splitter and select source file –> destination folder and set the size of a chunk to custom i.e 16 MB.

3) Now lets do some maths, as we are sending 1.4 GB file over WhatsApp that means 88 files of 16 MB will be created.

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4) Now after splitting the file all you have to do this change the file format  of the file by renaming as told in the above trick.

How to receive that 1.4GB file –

Now you have sent 88 files to your friend all he has to do is rename those files by removing. mp4 and keep all the files into the same folder. Now ask your friend to install “Free File Splitter “, yes the same tool that we used to split the files.Now ask him to open file splitter and select join file tab and then select destination folder and source folder and finally press the join button.

OMG you just learned another cool trick..!

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