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Thursday, October 31, 2019

How to use Instagram Nametag feature

How to use Instagram Nametag feature

It's now much easier to follow someone you meet on Instagram. No words need be exchanged nor letters tapped. With Instagram Nametags, you can simply scan each other's account to follow each other quickly and easily. 
If you’ve tried to grow your Instagram audience by telling people your Instagram username, you’ve likely encountered situations where this becomes an arduous process. The biggest challenge is getting people to spell your name correctly in the search bar on Instagram. If you have underscores, dots, abbreviations, or anything out of the ordinary in your username, the challenge is only magnified.
Nametags are an easy solution to this. They allow users to quickly scan your code without having to add or type any information, and immediately have the option to view your profile or follow you.
In addition, having your nametag available or on display can be a not-so-subtle trigger to encourage someone to follow you, without you having to specifically ask them to do so. It’s a less pressured interaction with your customers or audience.

Here’s how to get started using Instagram nametags.

That’s where a feature like Nametag comes in handy. The feature is similar to the snap codes available on Snapchat and the Facebook Messenger codes. The whole purpose of this feature is to make it easier for people to locate your profile with nothing but a simple scan. The feature is available on both the Android and iOS platforms. The Nametag is a customization identification card. This is also unique for each user. Sharing your Nametag is also a not-so-subtle trigger that will encourage someone to follow you without you having to spell it out (Literally), If you wish to learn a little bit more about how to use the Nametag feature and up your Insta game, read on:

1) Open the Instagram app on your phone.

2) Access your profile.

3) Tap on the three-lined menu (hamburger menu).
4) Click on the first option available under your username. This will be called Nametag.

5) A new window will now open up. This window will display your username within a square box with a message that says ‘Scan a Nametag’ under it.

6) If other Instagram users wish to follow you, they can do so by simply scanning this image.

7) If you are dissatisfied with the default setup, you can change this by simply going to the top of the screen to customize it. The options available to you are color, selfie, and emoji. Whatever you choose becomes the background of your nametag screen.

8) If you run into someone you wish to follow, all you have to do is go to the nametag screen, look at the bottom to see the option called “Scan a nametag,” and click on that. This will allow you to scan the nametags of other Instagram users.

9) At the top-right corner of your nametag, you will find a share button, which, as the name suggests, allows you to share your nametag through multiple social media platforms or through Instagram itself via stories or your feed.

10) If someone has shared their nametag with you, you can scan that by clicking on ‘Scan a Nametag’ and then clicking on the top-right corner to access your gallery. From here, you can pick any image you want, in this case, you might want to stick to the image of the nametag that you have been provided with.

11) The other option you have to scan someone’s nametag is by swiping right into the camera, hovering it over the nametag and holding down on your screen.

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